Thursday 8 September 2011

Surprise Machin Centenary stamps from Post Office Ltd at Stampex.

Brian Sinnott has revealed on his Postage Labels UK blog a surprise Machin souvenir.

Royal Mail have today announced that Hytech Postalvision equipment at Autumn Stampex 2011 will dispense a tribute to ‘Arnold Machin’ in the form of an overprinted set of Post and Go Machin-head stamps next week.

This overprint will be only available at Stampex, and will be applied on the existing ‘Machin’ Post and Go stock on one of two new Hytech Self-service Stamp Machines.
This Post Office tribute is more exciting than Royal Mail's no-FDC-Souvenir-sheet.

Update: I will be trying to obtain strips for existing customers - customers requiring FDCs please advise and I will do my best!

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