Monday 26 September 2011

Changes to Horizon Labels today

I thought it had been quiet on the Horizon label front.  News today from Brian on postagelabelsuk:

New ‘accounting codes’ added to Horizon Postage Labels.

A change to the Horizon postage labels has taken place today, which has resulted in some additional codes being added to the overprint, to be used for Post Office internal accounting purposes. For example it will be possible to identify which product a ‘SD’ label refers to – Special Delivery by 9am, SD next day (1pm), SD to Channels Islands etc, as each different type will have a specific code added.

The two additional characters have been added at the end of the ‘Postage PaidUK’ and ‘Royal Mail’ or ‘Parcelforce’ lines.

New Horizon label images will be added to Brian's blog in due course.  I wonder who - apart from him - did first day covers.  I saw the news at 5pm,and I only know one person who would have been interested: I hope he follows Brian's news-stream as well as this one!

Update: I'm told (thanks Kevin!) that the reference to Special Delivery in Brian's blog is purely illustrative.  All Horizon labels for all services have changed, with additional coding on the Postage Paid line, and elsewhere.  Watch this space - and watch your mail.  We will, as usual be happy to show images of what you receive.

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