Sunday 11 September 2011

Masters of the Post - The Authorized History of the Royal Mail

The British Postal Museum and Archive have told me that the original report was wrong: the book is unrelated to the radio series.  SO....

Two autumn events: A BBC Radio 4 series will be aired around Christmas time. It will comprise 15 episodes on the history of the post.  No details at present but we'll tell you when we know more!

There will also be a accompanying book with the above title, currently showing (but not available to pre-order) on the Penguin Books website. It is, however, available to pre-order on with a 30% discount and free delivery. has it listed but as yet not available to pre-order.

At £30 for .....
Format : Hardback
ISBN: 9781846143243
Size : 153 x 234mm
Pages : 832
Published : 03 Nov 2011
Publisher : Allen Lane

.... this looks to be a good buy, so add it to your Christmas list now!


  1. Hi, on the subject of Christmas, do you know when details of this years festive (or non festive) stamps will be revealed this year? seems to be happening very slowly nowadays!

  2. We have known since last year that this year's Christmas stamps will mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

    The designs are stained glass and our website will be updated just as soon as there is time - all the Stampex issues have slowed progress!

  3. I thought that the stained glass windows were the 2010 Christmas stamps!

  4. You are right - it is so long since I saw the images that my memory failed me. I'll put them in a new blogpost this afternoon.


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