Wednesday 6 September 2023

King Charles III make-up definitives, from official first day covers.

I can now show in detail the King Charles III definitive stamps used on Royal Mail's official first day covers.

These pictures show more clearly that there are no security slits.  According to a comment on the previous blogpost - you can click on the images to see them enlarged.

Royal Mail said: "I can confirm that there has been no error in the stamps used for our First Day Covers. As the stamps on a First Day Cover are not for use, they are produced using stamps from a coil that do not have the elliptical security markings."

Set of 7 King Charles III definitives without security slits on Royal Mail first day covers.

I have some of these available as I did with the Wales barcoded stamps FDC last year.  The price is £15.00 in the UK, by bank transfer, including postage.   Please email as soon as possible.

Outside the UK, and other methods of payment, please ask.  Only a few available.

All now allocated with a waiting list for any that are not taken up.


  1. I just don't know what to make of the "official Royal Mail" response. When the NVIs and £2.20 were produced they didn't have non-elliptical versions on the covers, it just feels very odd to me. I managed to get a set used on cover from Edinburgh, but do feel rather ambivalent and wonder if we've just all been taken for cash cows.

  2. I had 2 of these stamps on my post from a stamp dealer will they get catalogue status

    1. That would be unusual - can you send a scan or photo to my email address (top right), please?

    2. Which means that they've almost certainly been peeled off an FDC supplied to a key account dealer pre-cancellation.
      There is at least one enterprising individual who is doing this and selling them as a mint item on "Donor backing paper", against the terms of the KA contract with Royal Mail.

    3. It's very easy to do, hopefully Ian will get some more covers and everybody can have a go. I did and they look very smart.

    4. Coil FDE stamps have always been of interest to serious collectors and dealers. This , as a very visible difference will certainly appeal to a larger market but hopefully will encourage collectors to look at stamps more closely. You can tell they are from coils by direction of print and just by using a barcode reader on your phone... Enjoy your hobby


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