Friday 22 September 2023

Gibbons outsourcing production and distribution of albums and accessories to Dauwalders.

Trade News from Stanley Gibbons.

We have been looking at ways to offer a better and improved range of stamp albums and accessories products for our customers and as a result we have decided to license the production and distribution of Stanley Gibbons stamps albums and accessories to Dauwalders. 

We are extremely excited to introduce Dauwalders as our new albums and accessories licensing partner. Dauwalders are specialists in albums and accessories and have been trading for over 60 years. They are based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and are as committed and passionate about the hobby as we are.

As well as supplying Lighthouse products they will be taking on Davo as well as providing the Stanley Gibbons range of albums and accessories. They will be taking over all aspects of the Stanley Gibbons albums and accessories side of the business, from production to fulfilment for both collectors and trade partners; this will also include the full range of Davo products.  

Stanley Gibbons will continue to provide the designs of the album pages to Dauwalders to ensure consistency throughout the range and with the catalogues. We will work closely with Dauwalders on improvements and new introductions to the product lines. 
Dauwalders will officially take over all order fulfilment from October 16th. 


Gibbons are retaining the production and distribution of catalogues.

If you normally buy from your favourite dealer, this should make no difference to you.

If you normally buy direct from Gibbons you will probably be contacted direct by them.  I don't know, from this, whether they will eliminate Albums and Accessories from their website shop, or provide a link to Dauwalders, or redirect purchasers to Dauwalders.

Of course Dauwalders also sell stamps so it would make sense for stamps and accessories to be the subject of one purchase transaction.


  1. Duwaulders are excellent, so this is a good partnership. Good news for us collectors.

  2. I thought this may happen owing to the sad passing last year of the gentleman who used to do all the updates and supplements.

  3. We need to move on from buying pre-printed albums to print your own album pages .


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