Wednesday 6 September 2023

Anonymous Comments - to be or not to be, that is the question!

Regular readers will know that I have often asked for readers to avoid leaving their comments anonymous.  There are too many of them to know which is which, and in some cases that is relevant.

This is why if you go to make a comment you will see this text:

The blog settings allow for this to be stopped, but then there are only two other options:

The alternatives are that 

- only the members can comment - members are anybody who can initiate or edit a post; or

- only Users with Google Accoounts

I don't want to force anybody to have a Google account.   These are the options facing anybody providing a comment:

but the settings do not distinguish between 'Anonymous' and 'Name/URL'. 

I would like to see there being no 'Anonymous'  option.  Even if you use a name, you don't need a URL.  

There is no way for the moderators to individually contact any commenter other than those with Google accounts.  

If I do decide that there will be no more Anonymous comments, only pseudonyms, you Anonymous people will waste a lot of time commenting only for your comment to be deleted and not published.

So please use a name - or better still a Google account if you have one - to make life easier.  You don't really have anything to hide.


  1. I agree: don't allow anonymous comments and require people to either use a pseudonym - as I have - or a real name. I have a Google account - is there anyone using the internet that doesn't? - but prefer to to sign in and thereby give Google - or the people they sell this information to - information about me. Again, if anyone comments anywhere on the internet, then a real name or pseudonym is required so this is no surprise or nothing new (ie over the last 15 years or so).

  2. I have about 3 different Google accounts (depends on which device I'm using which/whether logged in) but like Robert, I'll only use it when it benefits me. Not difficult to use the same pseudonym for the same site.


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