Monday 18 September 2023

Post Office Self-Service Kiosks will remain in use for the forseeable future - official.


I reported earlier that Royal Mail would be removing all their Post and Go machines at the end of this year - that is the ones in the Postal Museum, various Armed Forces Museums around the country, and in a few other tourist attractions.

When this was originally reported there was a suggestion that Royal Mail had not given much thought to the position of the Post Office Branch Self-Service Kiosks (SSKs), or those in Guernsey, Jersey and Gibraltar.  

I asked Royal Mail for a statement on the SSKs, and asked the other organisations including Post Office Ltd what their plans are.

The islands were first to reply, both saying that they had no plans to close down operations and that they would continue to use them in all locations.

Guernsey Stamps @guernseystamps

Good morning. We have no plans to withdraw our Post & Go machines. We'll be releasing our 2024 stamp schedule in the near future with full details of what's coming up next year.

Jersey Stamps  @JerseyStamps

We also have no plans to withdraw the machines, keep an eye out next year for new issues!

I've still had no response from Gibraltar, but last week received responses from both Royal Mail and Post Office Ltd on their SSKs.

Post Office

Post Office  @PostOffice

Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Our SSK’s remain unchanged at the present time and there are no plans immediately to change them.

Royal Mail

"I understand SSKs remain well stocked and so will continue to remain operational. The next review will be 2024 when a reprint is expected. This will really be a question for Post Office Ltd.  

If they continue with them, and need postage stock for them, then we will supply that." 


My thanks to RW for these photographs of the Paignton Self-Service Kiosks.

Self-Service Kiosks at Paignton Post Office

Inside of Self-Service Kiosk at Paignton Post Office.
Click on these images to enlarge them.

So it will be well into next year before the King Charles III Post and Go stamps appear for self-service kiosks.

If/When they do we should expect Royal Mail to produce stamps, first day covers and presentation packs, perhaps from the single machine that they have retained for that purpose - or maybe they will be produced by Cartor/Walsall on a sideways coil in the same way that self-adhesive stamps are for first day covers.

Something else to remind them about, perhaps?


Not this year, but maybe next year.



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  2. Still no update on the IAR site although I don't suppose they've any reason to now?


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