Monday, 9 May 2022

May slogan postmarks and other postmark news

Royal Mail continued use of the relevant slogan over from March, through April and into May

The slogan advertising the Disasters Emergency Committee's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal which has been widely used since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  



The first May slogan is advertising Mental Health Awareness week, the slogan for which this year is #Ivebeenthere. Whilst this is clearly grammatically incorrect punctuation marks break up hashstags, so #I'vebeenthere would simply translate on social media platforms as #I.

I've had two poor examples supplied so far (thanks to MM and LT).  This one from Sheffield Mail Centre is dated 06/05/2022

Mental Health
Awareness Week
9 - 15 May
Together we can
tackle loneliness

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 slogan used at Sheffield Mail Centre 06/05/2022 #Ivebeenthere

Covid Heroes artists.

Last month we reported that according to the Royal Mail press release on the Heroes of the Pandemic stamps, "In addition, to mark their success, a special postmark will feature on stamped mail delivered to addresses nationwide. Each child will have their name included on their own congratulatory postmark over the coming weeks."  These may be used, or they may have been abandoned.  More news when we get it.

UPDATE 11 May 2022: Before Mental Health Awareness week is over, it is International Nurses Day, and thanks to LT for another slogan from Sheffield Mail Cente on 10/05/2022.

Nurses' Day
12 May


International Nurses' Day slogan postmark Sheffield Mail Centre 10/05/0222

UPDATE 16 May 2022.  Continuing the medical theme, RL has sent this latest slogan from Mount Pleasant Mail Centre dated 14-05-2022 marking Dementia Action Week.  The dates aren't shown but the week runs from 16 - 22 May 2022.

It's not called getting old,
it's called getting ill.

Alzehimer's Society
Dementia Action Week

Dementia Action Week slogan, Mount Pleasant Mail Centre 14-05-2022


LT has sent this example of a packet stamp from Sheffield Mail Centre with postcode S9 2XX dated 9 May 2002

Sheffield Mail Centre S9 2XX handstamp May 2022



This is the place where all news about May postmarks - provided by readers or discovered by us - will be posted.  Please check back and refresh the page before sending anything which may have already been sent since you last looked: this will save you time scanning and writing.  Variants on postmarks already shown are welcome.



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