Sunday 1 May 2022

Platinum Jubilee Cover 1 June 2022 - Royal Mail learn from their 95th Birthday mistake

Twelve months ago we had been debating the rights and wrongs of Royal Mail's 95th Birthday cover commemorating the 95th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.  That one included a special definitive pane similar to one from a prestige stamp book, but not available elsewhere and including stamps not otherwise available.

They have now announced their Coin Cover to mark Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee.  This utilises the similar pane from the Platinum Jubilee prestige stamp book issued in February this year, combined with a 50p commemorative coin.

Royal Mail Platinum Jubilee commemorative coin cover, 1 June 2022

Postmark and reverse & obverse of coin for Platinum Jubilee cover.
"In celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee , Royal Mail is releasing a limited edition Coin Cover featuring the 2022 Commemorative 50p coins in Brilliant Uncirculated plus Silver and Gold Proof versions released by The Royal Mint.

"Affixed to the Coin Cover is the definitive pane from Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Prestige Stamp Book issued on 4 February 2022. The special edition envelope and information card celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s lifelong love of horses. Available to pre-order now the Coin Covers will be postmarked and issued on 1st June 2022 just before the 4 day national Platinum Jubilee celebration weekend." 

In an edition of 15,000 the basic cover with brilliant uncirculated coin costs £17.50.
There are also 750 covers with a 925 Ag silver proof costing £57.50 and 50 covers with a 916.7 Au gold proof coin, costing £1,095.

We hope that this is produced from the original printing, rather than being a reprint with a year code of M22L.   I'm sure this cover was planned long ago.


  1. "the rights and wrongs of Royal Mail's 95th Birthday cover" - I can't remember any "rights"!

    1. I think it was right that they marked it, but i take your point. The biggest wrong perhaps was in making it available to dealers mint.

    2. Ian,
      Yes and yes.
      With coronavirus I didn't go to the stamp fair two miles away where I subsequently learnt from here that it was going for £18 mint.
      It's still a gap in my collection and probably always will be.

  2. I purchased one the the 95th panes, still waiting to see if SG catalogue it, otherwise it is of no use to me, so I wait. In reference to the Platinum Jubilee pane from PSB I think the 10p is a much darker colour than previous issues, keeping one ijust in case it is catalogued as different

    1. Pete,
      If it turns out to be of no use to you I'll have it !

    2. Mudgie you will be most welcome to it, if and when the time comes.

    3. Pete,
      Thank you, though I expect Stanley Gibbons will list the pane.
      They list missing colours, imperforate errors and phosphor omissions some of which must exist only in tiny quantities but there must be hundreds or thousands of these 95th Birthday mint panes about given that a dealer near Munich apparently got several dozen of them for selling on a well known auction site.

    4. Mudgie, I got mine from the well known auction site as I could not get to the stamp shows like you, but if it is not listed in the new Concise catalogue then I will not want it.


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