Monday 9 May 2022

Before Definitive Disposal, Booklet Bonanza !

Royal Mail's decision to invalidate Machin definitives has certainly made dealers consider their stocks, and collectors and dealers alike are deciding what to keep and what to release.

I have been surprised as to how many booklets I had in my collection, and how many different booklets there are, which otherwise appear the same.  It's also interesting to note how printing has changed since the 1990s.

Selection of four 1st x 4 'window' booklets

These booklets, catalogued in Gibbons' HB series were produced from 1993 - 1997, and printed by Walsall.  Whereas these days the same cylinder (appears) to be used for months and months (that is, the cylinder number remains unchanged), back in the 90s not only were as many as four cylinders were used for printing the (apparently) single colour stamp, but they frequently changed as shown here.

Above, HB 3b - cylinders W9 W18 W12, and HB 4 - cylinders W5 W11 W10 W1 

Above, HB 6 - cylinders W15 W25 W22 and W19 W28 W26

Above, HB10 - cylinders W35 W43 W46 and W42 W47 W52

HB12 - cylinders W48 W51 W60

Many booklets are already listed in our online store, but of necessity I concentrated on the security issues from 2009, and prestige books.  Most of the others we have only one of and so they will not be listed in the shop but I'll produce a priced list and it will be first come first served.

Remember, there will be a limited opportunity to buy these - most of the stocks will be sent back to Royal Mail next year.


  1. If you are returning your stock of NVI machins to royal Mail (Royal Mail's decision to invalidate Machin definitives has certainly made dealers consider their stock) Why not make all of the stock you plan to return available to customers at face value (current value)?
    This would not only be the decent thing to do but it would greatly help collectors.
    It would also go a long way to proving that dealers are fair minded and not the greedy profiteers only.


    1. Lee, as I wrote in my first 'Thoughts' post, there ought to be bargains out there, but there is also a time factor. For every order processed there are labour costs for dealers who employ staff, and other overheads. It will be cheaper and simpler to send in bulk - especially stock that hasn't really been sorted - straight to Royal Mail.

      That said my list - which will be ready this coming week - has many booklets at very low prices with a small premium for the many cylinder booklets as shown above. That's why payment by bank transfer or cheque will be the preferred ways to ensure that we get all the money.

    2. Hi Ian, I need 11 booklet panes to complete my basic collection. They don't have to be cylinder booklets. I look forward to seeing your list. Many thanks. Steve.

    3. Hi Steve, I have panes as well and they will follow. Send me an email with what you need and I'll see what I can do.


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