Tuesday 17 May 2022

Gibbons' Great Britain Concise catalogue due in two weeks.

Stanley Gibbons have announced that their Great Britain Concise catalogue 2022 edition will be available week commencing 30 May.   Buy from your favourite dealer or independent bookshop.

From Stanley Gibbons press release - the 37th edition of the Great Britain Concise catalogue.

The 2022 edition has been extensively updated with all prices reviewed and revised in line
with the current market.§

• Priced listings of definitives, commemoratives, regionals, postage dues, departmental officials,
postal fiscals, first day covers, miniature sheets, booklets, specimens and post office ‘Smiler’
• Priced listings of watermark varieties, major plate varieties, missing colours, phosphor,
embossing and imperforate errors.
• Priced listings of Post Office Telegraph stamps, including watermark varieties, major errors
and specimens.
• Priced listings for all booklet panes, including single value panes and those with inverted
watermarks up to 1967.
• Commemorative design index included.
• Listings are complete from May 1840 to April 2022.
• Helpful introductory notes.
• PHQ card and presentation pack listings include Royal Mail reference codes for easy
• The Machin definitives are amalgamated in an easy-to-find separate section and fully updated.
The highly collectable source and date codes are individually priced.
• Post & Go stamps are brought right up to date, with clear notes describing stamps from
different machines. Separate illustrated tables give details of those only available at
exhibitions and museums.

§ This will presumably reflect recent increases in postage rates, but I wonder what the changes will be in the 2023 edition, when the postage value of old 1st class definitive stamps drops from 95p to zero?


  1. I don't want to discourage people from buying from bookshops or dealers, but I thought I should note that you can get a 10% discount on the Concise price if you subscribe to GSM. I think this is only available over the phone.

  2. I have found an independent bookshop online, I usually pay over £4 under the SG price

  3. I buy it direct from Stanley Gibbons in the belief that stamp dealers are having a difficult enough time without anyone else getting a cut of the selling price.
    But referring to it rarely I only buy it every fifth year and am lucky that that was the 2021 edition which included the last of the pre-barcoded Machins.

  4. Just pre ordered my 2022 copy & saved £4.19 on the cost, happy days

  5. Does anyone know if and when the digital version ill be released? I have the 2021 version in paperback, so a new one online is more than enough.

    1. In case you hadn't noticed yet, the digital edition is now shown on the SG website. It looks as if they waited until the paper edition was really available before advertising the digital version.

    2. Thanks John .. I saw that and so I've done my bit to help the UK balance of trade :-)


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