Friday 6 May 2022

Latest maximum card

There is not a great deal happening at present until the pre-release images of the Cats stamps break the embargo and are shown elsewhere!

So here is my latest maximum card, the only one I produced from the Migratory Birds set.  I didn't have time to search for or buy other subject cards.  

The card design is by Robert Gillmor who produced the designs for Royal Mail's Post and Go Birds stamps and others.

1st class stamp illustrated by Killian Mullarney. Postmark Nightjar Close, Poole.

Nightjar maximum card, Migratory Birds stamps, 7 April 2022 with Poole pictorial postmark.


  1. Ian,
    For a maximum card of only the Nightjar were you able to be supplied with as many of only that stamp as you needed or do you now have dozens of surplus Pied Flycatchers, Swifts, Yellow Wagtails and Arctic Skuas ?

    1. I had one set of stamps spare, so I used that one and have one of each of the others to use sometime, no hurry.
      But the implied question, anyone can order individual stamps in mutliples of (usually) 5, which would be a vertical strip. This arrangement wasn't available when blocks of 10 were issued. The Design Classics included Concorde which was especially required by cover producers. Subsequently sets of 10 x 1st class have mainly been in two strips of 5, and any individual stamp could be bought.

      I bought £300-worth of Little Owl adults and chicks a few years back having given the codes to a trust employee to buy them direct, only for them to be told that they didn't have enough. There were plenty available and I had them sent direct!

  2. Ian.
    Thanks, I had no idea that anyone can order individual stamps in mutliples of (usually) 5, which would be a vertical strip.
    I just remember early last year for the very first barcoded Machin them offering only up to five single stamps, not a strip, me not getting my usual format and so buying a full sheet of fifty.

    1. My coment only applied to special stamps; but we can order any positional blocks or singles from definitive sheets.


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