Wednesday 14 July 2021

More phosphor variations found on Queen's 95th birthday pane

When we first had sight of the non-standard pane produced by Royal Mail for its joint-venture with the Royal Mint every mint pane and all covers has the phosphor bands shifted upwards, as shown here.

Pane produced to mark the 95h Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II with upward shift of phosphor.

This produced two 1st class Machins with short bands at the foot, the England and Northern Ireland country definitives likewise, and the Scotland and Wales stamps with a shoulder at the foot where the wide band on the country stamps has narrow bands at the foot.  Similarly two more 1st class Machins have a shoulder at the foot where the phosphor is wider than it ought to be.

Now evidence has emerged that a far smaller number of the phosphor just about as it should be in register with the colours, and a similar number have the phosphor shifted downwards producing the reverse effect to that described above.  The images show two panes, one at each extreme.

Above: phosphor shifted upwards clear of the perforations;
Below: phosphor shifted downwards, not even reaching the edge of the stamp printing.

Panes Reversed:
Above: phosphor shifted downwards;
Below: phosphor shifted upwards, both showing the phosphor extending onto the selvedge.


We would be interested in any reports of the new variants appearing on the official covers.


  1. I can confirm that I have an official coin cover with bands shift upwards also a pane with bands shifted down and another where the bands are actually in the correct place, neither are on covers. In addition, I have a cover where the bands are up and to the right ,but only marginal. You do have to wonder where quality control comes in.

  2. Surprised to not see any comments on Queen's 95th birthday pane. Constant trickle from German dealers making well over £100 each - you commented on the sale price of the first listed - but no comments since then. Is a conspiracy afoot?


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