Friday 23 July 2021

News in brief - updates to earlier blog posts.

When updates are made to earlier blog posts a link will be provided here.  Once more blog posts have been made when there is more news to report, this post will be deleted.  

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23 July:  Royal Mail Signed For and Special Delivery stamps to be withdrawn.

26 July: 2p counter sheet picture added here

27 July: An article about the printing presses etc for the printing by ISP Walsall of datamatrix stamps is linked to the original blog post here

               Wild Coasts - update to supply and availability arrangements locally.

31 July:  Industrial Revolutions stamps and MS are now being shown on some cover producers' websites and are also on Royal Mail's 'Latest Selections' page, which links to this rather ridiculous one.  Why let the page go live?

Industrial Revolutions on RM website.