Wednesday 7 July 2021

July postmark slogans, and other interesting postal markings

Half-way through the year already, and it has been a busy one for collectors of slogan postmarks.  I hope we have helped you to know what exists, even if the information comes too late for self-addressed attempts.   This is the place for all new slogans for July, and any other interesting postal markings that I find or which are reported .

Lucky are those who have access to a business with a lot of stamped mail, the volunteer officers in stamp clubs and philatelic societies who have traditional correspondence from members, and anybody with a birthday!  Who else gets much stamped mail these days?

So we'll start off with examples sent while I was away, and the first is another for NHS/Covid thematic collectors.  Unfortunately it was only in use for two days, so thanks to JE for sending this picture of three examples.  Norwich Mail Centre 01-07-2021, Lancashire and South Lakes (Preston) 01/07/2021 and Manchester Mail Centre 02/07/2021

      Founded 5 July 1948      

Thank You NHS slogan used 1 & 2 July 2021 - Norwich, Preston, Manchester.

It's Dog Awareness Week again, Royal Mail's annual reminder to dog owners to keep them under control when the postman comes.  Despite the reported increase in dog ownership during lockdown etc Royal Mail report that there were fewer dog attacks in the last year, which is to be welcomed.  But behind these reports it is still shocking to report that there were still 2,500 attacks, which is truly horrifying.  

The first example to hit my (e-) mail box is from MS in Rotherham who sent a picture of a letter from the USA on which the Sheffield Mail Centre has added it's message three times on 05/07/2021!

Dog Awareness 2021 slogan postmark applied by Sheffield Mail Centre on incoming letter from the USA.

I received one this morning from Greenford/Windsor but it's on a colourful stamp and doesn't show well. Similarly RW had one from Inverness dated 06-067-2021 unusable for the same reason.

UPDATE 9 July.  Thanks to KD for this much better example of the Dog Awareness slogan from Southampton Portsmouth & IOW, on 05/07/2021.

Dog Awareness Week 2021 slogan postmark from Southampton mail centre 05/07/2021

Three more Dog Awareness examples from JG - the same layout from Cornwall Mail Centre 07/07/2021, the alternative from Jubilee Mail Centre 06-07-2021, and the reversed from SE Wales 06/07/2021 on a square envelope.

Dog Awareness Week 2021 slogan postmark from Cornwall Mail Centre

Dog Awareness Week 2021 slogan postmark from Jubilee Mail Centre

Reversed Dog Awareness Week 2021 slogan postmark from De Dd Cymru SE Wales

Remember, all postmarks in July will be added to this post, so check here before you spend time scanning and emailing.  I'll try to add new ones as quickly as possible.

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  1. Hi Ian
    Just seen Wild Coast stamps due out at the end of the month on ebay to pre-order, trumping Royal Mail again! for image of the stamps.


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