Friday 16 July 2021

Two more Machin definitive reprints

News reached us last week of another two new printings for 2021, the £1.70 printed on 22/03/21 and the £4.20 printed on 23/03/21.  The £3.25 was also reprinted on 23/03/21.


I did not immediately remember that these are not additions to our reference collection or checklist because the original stamps printed in October last year had M21L coding.  And the backing paper has the same orientation as the originals, so nothing new for those who collect both types, unlike 2018 when almost every printing was different to the one before.

I have a sheet of each of the two shown, which I shall return to Tallents House unless anybody contacts me quickly for a date block, for example. 

UPDATE 19 July.  Thanks to MD for providing these pictures of the 1st class from books of 6, MSIL which has the small text above the large both upright.  Some people call this the inverted setting for some reason.

1st class MSIL with year code M21L

UPDATE 23 August.  John F reports that when he visited a local Post Office requesting the £2·55 value with the "21" date he was told that they had recently had a new supply of the value but that it was dated 2017.  Sure enough it was a De La Rue printing!


  1. Just to be clear for those who collect the SBP2i/SBP2u variants: the £3.25 printed on 23/03/21 was on SBP2u paper, whereas the original from October 2020 was on SBP2i.


    1. I ordered a pair from Tallents House specifically asking for the March date and got a top margin pair on the same paper as originally.

      I re-ordered a date pair and it was, as you say, different. I doubt that there are two types on one day, I think they just assumed I wouldn't notice.


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