Wednesday 31 March 2021

What do Books, Science, Young Carers, Rugby, Autism, and Easter have in common?

... they - and other events - have all been the subject of a slogan postmark in use during March.

As we near the end of the month I have been updating (again) the month's first blog-post.  There may have not been many different stamps to write about, but there have been TEN slogan postmarks so far.  If you don;t get many stamped letters this is what you may have missed:

World Book Day

International Women's Day

British Science Week

Young Carers Action Day

Census 2021

Clocks go Forward

First International Rugby Match

Opening of the Royal Albert Hall

World Autism Awareness Week

Happy Easter.

And it's possible that there may have been time for the default 'Action for Children' slogan running over from February.

Remember, there is only one post per month showing slogan and other interesting postmarks.  The first April post will probably follow in a couple of days.

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