Monday 15 March 2021

New week shop update

Good afternoon everyone, it was a brilliant spring weekend for the most part, so not much was done inside.  Thank you for your purchases from last week's blog post; since then we have added what we think are all the 50p folded stamp booklets we have.

For many of them there is only one example, but there is a good range with cylinder booklets included, and all have reasonable perforations (no straight edges except on the booklets only issued that way.  

Some of these can be very useful for thematic or topical collections or exhibits, with subjects such as vintage vehicles (including a fire engine), amphibians, world heritage sites and cricket.

Again, you can see them under 'Recent Additions' or the booklets category.  In the latter case they are listed from the most recent backwards, so not in catalogue numerical order - to get that, click on the 'sort A-Z' link towards the right.

Here's a selection:

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