Wednesday 17 March 2021

New retail booklet - Musical Giants IV: Queen, 1st x 6 'band' definitive - 29 March 2021.

In July 2020 Royal Mail issued the fourth megapack of music memorabilia, this time honouring the band Queen which was formed in 1970.  The usual wide-range of stamp products included a black & white definitive-sized stamp portrait of the band which was included in a gummed miniature sheet and the prestige book definitive pane, and in a self-adhesive collector sheet.  This would seem to have all bases covered.

However, when sending out the details to dealers Royal Mail also mentioned a second retail booklet which was not released at the time, and which we were forbidden to mention.

29 March 2021 - Music Giants IV: Queen retail booklet II

Royal Mail explain:  The iconic line up was only completed when John Deacon joined Roger Taylor, Brian May and Freddie Mercury in February 1971.  In recognition of this anniversary the second Retail Book, featuring the definitive style stamp from the original Minisheet, will be issued on 29 March 2021.

The booklet is in the usual format for 6 x 1st booklets (£5.10) and is printed by ISP/Walsall in gravure.  The cylinder numbers are W1 in process colours and gold.

If the retail release follows the normal pattern Post Office branches will be supplied by Swindon stores on their next order for 6 x 1st after the issue date.  Only those who are (made) aware will pre-order so that they have supplies on the first day (and there is no guarantee of that with less than two weeks before the issue date.  The philatelic product code us UB442.

There is no first day cover and no Royal Mail postmark for this issue although one fdc producer is using the sponsored handstamp marking the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Royal Albert Hall.  This is applied by the London Special Handstamp Centre at Moutn Pleasant and has reference number 15298.

Special handstamp: 150th anniversary of the Royal Albert Hall 29.3.21



  1. The Queen prestige booklet i think sold out just after the New Year. Had to buy one on Ebay.

  2. I'm guessing I know the answer, but is this going to be part of the "2021 Annual Prepaid Subscription" that I ordered back in January?

  3. Where can I find this booklet on Royal Mail website. Not listed under 'Queen'. Many thanks

  4. Ordered one to add to my Royal Albert Collection! Thanks for the heads up.

  5. As well as the backing type shown in the scan which is SBP2u the SBP2i version has also been seen and confirmed.


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