Tuesday 2 March 2021

Forthcoming stamp issues - Legend of King Arthur (16 March) & Classic Science Fiction (15 April)

The March edition of the Royal Mail Philatelic Bulletin has basic details of these two forthcoming stamp issues about which we can tell you nothing more - possibly not until the date of issue, or just before that if they put all the pictures (including the actual stamps alone) on their website.

The Legend of King Arthur 

Athurian Legends stamp
This consists of 5 x 1st class and 5 x £1.70 stamps, so it seems that these will be printed in se-tenant strips of 5 across the sheet, much as sets of 10 x 1st class are.  The total face value is £12.75 and the stamps will be available in a presentation pack and on first day cover. There will also be the usual postcards.  

Now on Royal Mail's website and on Commonwealth Stamps Opinion Blog.

A collection of 10 Special Stamps exploring the legend of King Arthur.

Original illustrations by artist Jaime Jones depict key moments from enduring tales reimagined over centuries.

Legendary characters including Merlin, Guinevere and Lancelot are portrayed in scenes from stories that have captivated people for centuries.

Five First Class and five £1.70 stamps.

Classic Science Fiction

The Time Machine stamp

This issue consists of pairs of 1st class, £1.70 and £2.55 stamps - with the usual additions of a presentation pack first day cover, and postcards.  

Some research reveals that this is the 75th anniversary of the death of the author H G Wells, and the 70th anniversary of the publication of John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids", so it seems likely that one of Wells' books will feature on one stamp and Wyndham's will appear on another. 

We don't know when we will be able to write more about these, nor when they will appear on cover producers' websites.


  1. Is there any way to search your blog? I really miss your issue guide on the front page of your website it was like my online bible for quick reference.

    1. There's a search box (with magnifier) at top left next tot he blogger logo. If you search (for example) Christmas the annual programme is first on the list (at present) as it is most relevant.

      The annual programme is now always in January, so using the Blog Archive at the right you can find the posts and the one that you have also commented on about the Queen booklet.

      I ought to find a way of putting the annual programme in a more obvious place - and keep it updated - but that's not uppermost in my priorities I'm afraid.

  2. Thanks Ian, I wish RM would lift these embargos, I really am only interested in finding out the format and size of the issue so I can cut my mounts to size haha

  3. Anonymousse has made a comment which I can't publish, but I can agree with this from it:

    " 'classic' might refer to the original works of literature rather than yet more populist stamps based on TV series"

    ... and confirm that this won't be a tv or film link.

  4. Could be interesting. If I pass the main post office and find it empty... maybe I will pop in to buy some... In general, I hope these stamps are of a sensible size, perhaps around the size of the comic greats (1st April 2015) or even square rather than the big Palace of Westminster sized stamps.

    I'd like to see the classic science fiction be celebrating books/authors, and hopefully ones I like. I think I would buy more than a few of those.

  5. The King Arthur stamps are now visible on the RM website.


  6. They look pretty good, maybe they jump on Robin Hood of Sherwood next year, that I mentioned in a previous discussion, looks promising lol.

    1. These are superb. Bereft of neo-commmunist propaganda, advertisements for television or cinema, no-one wearing a face nappy and æsthetically perfect pictures. And useful denominations too, assuming there will be no price rise next month. The national park ones are lovely as well so a good start we have had to 2021. All right it was done before - but not as well. I look forward to buying some.


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