Tuesday 5 January 2021

Star Trek Prestige Stamp Book error - extra page

Sadly this error does not affect the stamp panes but one of the narrative panes.  Nonetheless it is a while since we had a PSB error so it is good to be able to report that the printing and assembly process is still not perfect, and anything could happen.

My thanks to B of Livingstone, for providing these details and pictures in the middle of last month.  I'm sorry I couldn't get this post published until now.

B writes: "the odd thing is that pages 3 'The Genesis of Star Trek' and 4 'The Original Series' have been repeated i.e. there are two copies of these pages before the first pane of stamps. I'm not sure however if there is anything else missing as a consequence because I don't have another booklet to examine for comparison purposes."

The only copy of the PSB I had had already been passed on by the time this was reported, so I'll rely on my readers to tell us if anything is missing.  The pictures show the error well:

Pages 2 and 3

Pages 4 and 3

Page 4 and stamp pane

Please examine your copies and let us know if there is a narrative pane missing!   

And of course if you find any other errors we will be pleased to report them here.


  1. That's very interesting. We run a website just for Prestige Stamp Books and the following page shows scans of all the pages in this book, so it is possible to check for any other errors https://ericarthurstally.co.uk/prestige-books/dy-series/dy36/

    1. Thank you Mark, a useful site that I wasn't aware of. Bookmarked for the future!


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