Tuesday 26 January 2021

New version of the Norvic Security Machin Definitive Stamps Checklist takes us into 2021.

We have updated the checklist to take into account the new tariff values issued at the end of
December, and the booklet stamps which will be issued in January and February 2021.  

You can download the file from this link (click here)

Tablet users may find it useful to save it from their browser to an e-Book app, such as Apple Books, which is where I keep mine for constant reference.

It is probably not very easy to use on even the larger mobile phones, and as a pdf does not adapt for the small screen.

As always if you find any errors, please email me.  And if you have any dates or other missing detail (not inverted and upright SBP2, though) let me know and I will fill in the gaps.

A further reminder that this is not a priced catalogue of everything we have for sale.  Very nearly everything listed has been offered since these stamps were first introduced in 2009 but we do not restock - when they are gone, they are gone.  



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