Saturday 2 January 2021

Happy New Post and Go Year - first day, first error!

As intimated at the beginning of last month, the change in postage rates which took effect yesterday means a steep rise in the cost of a Post and Go collectors strip.   

Thanks to one of our regular contributors I can show the new stamps on the Machin definitive stamp, and also on the 2nd class Winter Greenery thanks to Harrow PO which had the wrong roll in the first class position. (Purchased today)

This change increases the total cost from the previous £11.64 to £13.84 with the reappearance of a Worldwide 100g letter stamp, and the appearance for the first time of the Europe (£3.25) and Worldwide (all zones - £4.20) Large Letter 100g stamps.
Thanks to RW for this picture of the real 1st class Winter Greenery strip on the correct stock:
1st class Winter Greenery P&G strip with 1 January 2021 rates


  1. I was interested to see the misalignment of the printing on the second class for first class error.. Before Christmas I purchased winter greenery stamps from my local post office and in one of the machines the printing on the second class rolls was misaligned but in the other machine perfectly okay. I went back a week or so later and the same things was still happening so obviously it was a programming glitch rather than a roll misalignment.

  2. At least now you can buy the two individual Large letter NVIs on their own as well as part of the strip of 6.

  3. Reposted form the P&G thread from May 2019. Poppies and Mail by Bike (now sold) from today (2/1/21) on eBay along with MA19 & MA20 Machins and R20YAL Greenery from one of the usual suspects!

    1. I assume when you say 'one of the usual suspects' that you mean one of the few who go out looking and searching for the various Post & Go issues that might be out there!
      If you don't look then you don't find and I suspect some only look on ebay!!

    2. Trevor

      I think i am one of the usual suspects, by suspect i hope you mean i am able to obtain more than most. Just so you know i visited about 80 offices for the Zones rates. For early 2021 i visited about 30 and i do like walking.
      If you do not mean that your comments are unjustified and way out of line. So keep you thought to yourself if they are not of any use.

    3. Methinks thou dost protest too much. Visiting post offices to buy Post & Go stamps is one thing, colluding with post office staff to produce stamps that are not immediately available to the general public is another. The Post & Go strips produced at Wealdstone post office in June 2014 and at Hastings post office in February 2016 required considerable ‘assistance’ from post office staff.

    4. Anonymous. If I go into a post office and it is quiet, I ask them what stamps they have, and ask to look through the booklets. If they have something as yet undiscovered (you know they are different every year?) then I'll buy some for cusstomers and other collectors.

      If the branch has an SSK then I'll check what is in the machines, and if it is quiet I'll ask if they have anything else - especially if they hadn't got the latest pictorial P&G in. If they are amendable then they will put what they have in the machines. The branch gets a boost to its turnover, which helps them, and I get something different for myself and for others.

      If I get the opportunity to return later, perhaps when the output of the machines has changed through rate changes, then I'll ask again. It's not collusion as such; they don't have to return stock to Swindon, so old stuff is often around.

  4. As we are not allowed out of our homes except for limited exemptions, should we post what we find in our local Post Offices?

    1. Yes, please do. Just for clarification, people who bought on the first couple of days (Jan 1 & 2) and tramped the streets to do so, were doing so before the latest English lockdown was brought in on 5 January.

  5. 5 January 2021
    011925 Hastings WHS
    SSK 67 1st class Winter Greenery R20YAL & 2nd class Winter Greenery CL20S
    SSK 68 1st class Winter Greenery R20YAL & 2nd class Winter Greenery CL20S
    (same as 20 December2020)

    034907 Eastbourne WHS
    SSK67, SSK 68, SSK 69 - Out of Service (Covid measures)
    (were using 1st class Winter Greenery R19YAL & 2nd class Machin CL19S on 10 December 2020)

    005925 Bexhill-on-Sea
    SSK67, SSK 68 - Out of Service (Covid measures)

    12 January 2021
    156026 Richmond WHS
    SSK 67 1st class Machin R19YAL & 2nd class Machin CL17S
    SSK 68 1st class Machin R19YAL & 2nd class Machin CL18S
    SSK 69 1st class Machin R19YAL & 2nd class Machin CL17S

    18 January 2021
    155025 Hounslow WHS
    SSK 67 1st class Winter Greenery R19YAL& 2nd class Winter Greenery CL19S
    SSK68 - didn’t check
    SSK 69 1st class Winter Greenery R20YAL & 2nd class Winter Greenery CL19S

    171023 Surbiton
    SSK 67 1st class Machin MA16 & 2nd class Machin CL17S

  6. Wonder how long the Pigs and Sheep will take to appear in the 2021 Rates?

  7. I see that someone has listed the Mail by Air stamps on ebay. It does raise a question as to how rate change stamps should be collected, as individual strips of as the six value collectors strips. It’s refreshing to see the Post Office ranch details and the receipt shown.

    The receipt shows the problem with new values for the sets with six designs, at over £40 face value and by my maths over £80 for the six collectors strips, the costs may be to prohibitive for some.

    Nick B.


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