Sunday 13 December 2020

Back in Business - our shop will reopen for the holidays!

It was back on 22 March that I posted our Response to global pandemic. I sought views on what we could and should do, and thanks for the responses. 

Little did we know just how long it would be before we were in any position to restart.  Since then we have relocated, had most of our stock packed in boxes until the new office could be fitted out and only now do we know (roughly) where (almost) everything is.

So we will be fully open in January.   The shop will open before the Christmas holiday so that you can shop as normal.  BUT: although the shop you see should be the same as always, we are using a different 'back-end', and some of it is very different for us.

We will deal with any Christmas orders during the first week of January, and post them as soon as possible.

Nobody knows what the government restrictions will be in January, but I suspect they will get tighter after people have mixed at Christmas.  We won't be mixing even with family who live within Norfolk. 

Just some of the new items in our shop - while stocks last!

We will post orders just once a week, and we will collect from the PO Box on the same day.  (And weather permitting, of course - we now live on a slight hill so if it is too wintery, our weekly trip to town may be delayed!)

And while we received a Christmas card from Canada within 10 days, we don't know how international transit times will work out.  Worst of all, for all customers, is the fact that postage rates will all rise again on 1 January, and I had just re-worked all the postages on the shop before these changes were announced.

New items added since March include 2020 Security Machins including from PSBs, booklets, miniature sheets, some maximum cards, etc.  We'll have the new tariff Machins on as soon as we have them.  

New product categories will be coming soon in worldwide postal history, but also Machins and other modern British postal history. 

More news about new products, special offers, and everything else, will be posted here as early as possible.

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  1. Welcome back......Christmas card from Canada in 10 should be so lucky.... have just reported my wifes CC "missing in inaction" ordered on 10th dispatched on 12th....still not here....Fu**y Pigeon!!!!!


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