Friday 11 December 2020

Charity mailings include 2020 2nd class Christmas pre-printed stamp

We've reported on many different pre-printed postage impressions often using the current Christmas stamp and this year is no exception.

My thanks to Kiwieditor on Twitter who showed this latest version of Royal Mail's digital postage (or PPI) shown here.  This is from the Royal British Legion (RBL), with a return address of Chippenham.

2nd class Christmas 2020 postage paid impression - digital postage from Royal British Legion.


JF reports on the same stamp being used on a charity funding request from Royal Air Forces Association.

In this case the wavy line 'cancellation' appears to be grey-black compared with the black of the RBL one.  (The ink-jet on this one is because it was misdelivered and reposted.)

UPDATE 30 December

We've actually had one delivered here!  This is a postcard from one of the lesser-known subscription diet companies.  This doesn't have a Condition 9 (C9) Accesss code, but HQ104259.  

UPDATE 20 January

My thanks to H for this example of the White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland 2nd class stamp used by Dexters, an estate agency with over 100 branches in London.  DP reports that this is also used by Snellers Estate Agents with the same C9 licence number.

White Rabbit Alice in Wonderland 2nd class pre-printed stamp winter 2020/21.


UPDATE 5 February.

Another example from the wider family, is this one from Healthspan with licence HQ 23777, using the 2020 2nd class Christmas stamp.

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  1. First Class Christmas stamps have appeared as pre-printed postage impressions for the last five years but I've only known them for the reply from Santa to letters written by children. I got mine by pretending to be nearly sixty years younger than I actually am !
    The Alice in Wonderland Second Class as pre-printed postage impressions was originally 25mm by 25mm. I think it has since been printed in its proper size but I've not seen or got one.
    The Second Class Large as pre-printed postage impressions isn't the only one to be used on Large letters. I've got ordinary Machin Second Class as pre-printed postage impressions used on Large Letters which surely runs the risk an over zealous Revenue Protection person wrongly surchargING the item.
    "Business customers need to satisfy Royal Mail's conditions for reproduction" but variations of the Machin Second Class as pre-printed postage impressions are astonishing - from 16 x 18 mm up to 22 x 26 mm and from a very pale blue to as dark as the 'deep blue' of 1990.


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