Friday, 3 January 2020

January 2020 postmark slogans and other interesting postmarks

Happy New Year everybody!  I'm not putting the New Year slogan here unless somebody sends a (late) January usage, but we start off with a cracker from AS.

Rather than an ink-jet slogan, we start with a Universal machine at Cornwall Mail Centre, using the old REMEMBER to use the POST CODE slogan.

The Horizon label is dated 02/01/20, but the postmark die is 1 Jan -- 2020.  The Horizon label must be right (barring a systems error), and the error is in the postmark.  They probably changed it on 31 December and forgot that they wouldn't need it on 1 January.

But why were they using it anyway?  Their inkjet is usually good enough.  Perhaps they didn't want to fire it up for a low volume of mail.  Maybe somebody with inside contacts can find out?

UPDATE 17 January:
Half way through the month and no new special slogans, but KH has sent something we haven't seen for a while, a copy of the oversize Manchester Packet ink-jet used on 19.12.19.  We showed a similar one here.  These are most often seen (and even that's not often) with an additional set of wavy lines below the whole of the postmark shown, but this one is just what you see here. 

In the absence of any others, a reminder that this is the default slogan used when nothing special is happening.  My thanks to BM for this from Swindon Mail Centre on 06-01-2000

UPDATE 22 January
Royal Mail has announced A special ‘Stand Together’ Royal Mail postmark for Holocaust Memorial Day is to be stamped on millions of letters sent through the UK postal system from Monday (20th)
The announcement has been welcomed by Holocaust educators, given that the organisation handles more than 30 million letters per week. 

“We are proud to support the excellent work of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust with this special postmark,” a Royal Mail spokesperson said.
Holocaust Memorial
27 January 2020

This picture of a specimen is taken from Royal Mail's press release.  More reactions.

No sooner had I put this on the blog, than member peterh put a real one on the Stampboards forum, so here is an example from SE Wales Mail Centre, 20-01-2020

The press release for Holocaust Memorial Day slogan said that it would run until 27th, but in Glasgow at least the Mail Centre was marking Burns Day with the usual slogan, on 24th.

Fair fa' your honest,
sonsie face,
Great Chieftano' the 
Burns Night
25 January 2020

Inkjet slogans will appear here for the whole of January.  Any Universal usage will appear in a separate block after the slogans.   And as there may still be news to come from December when people examine their envelopes closely, don't forget to check back there from time to time.

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