Monday 27 January 2020

Special Delivery Labels - another new variant?

For many years our deliveries from Royal Mail Tallents House had the address and Special Delivery details combined into one label, with the tracking number in a unique series starting Y.

When they introduced the new accounting system a few years ago this facility was lost and they used ordinary SD labels just as you would find in any other business, or indeed in Post Office branches.  The ones I'm using on outward mail are P6598 labels prefixed AF and dated June 14.

The recent ones from Tallents House are prefeixed JS and have no date or form number, which may mean that they are using old stock not supplied to POs when the rolls were introduced, similar to this 12 noon one which has the form number and date on the reverse.

However the latest one from Edinburgh has a horizontal (or landscape) label which I haven't seen before, even though it is date February 2016.  Has anybody else seen one of these?

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