Monday 5 December 2016

Manchester Large Flat postmarking machine in use this year

We recently received a C3 envelope folded and taped to be almost square, cancelled with Manchester's 'Large Flat' postmarking machine.  

We first saw this a few years ago on a bulk mailing but have seen little reported about it since, and no extension to other areas.  The place and date portion is partly printed on adhesive tape, so it doesn't show, but there is no doubt that this is Manchester Mail Centre in November 2016.  Rather than any seasonal message it has the Postcode slogan.

Look out for unusual postmarks on your Christmas mail, and let us know what you find.  We'll be reporting more on slogan postmarks very soon.

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  1. Manchester are the only Mail Centre to use the double-height cancelling mark on flats - this is normally in use throughout the year. It is probably an additional component stage in the Tops2000 FSM. It certainly should be expanded to every other FSM site however no plans have been announced.

    Have you noticed how FSM processed large letters no longer have the printed barcodes/labels applied? These are now done "virtually" much to the relief of deliveries


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