Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Machin Postal forgeries again - some good, some risible.

I haven't written much about modern GB forgeries since January when the self-adhesive country definitives (!) and other totally implausible stamps appeared.  
[Are they forgeries if they never existed in the format or colour used, or are they just fakes or bogus.]

I believe that these have all been bought through that famous online auction site, where they are being offered to other sellers for use.  Indeed one order was delivered using a forged 1st class stamp and a pair of 2nd class ''washed' reused stamps.  Needless to say it escape scrutiny by Royal Mail's revenue protection teams.

The first is a passable - indeed a very good - example of a 1st red M19L MTIL.

On the other hand the poor MA12 MAIL example appears to be in the wrong colour and the printing of ROYAL MAIL appears to be in pink rather than reversed out of a transparent ink.  I don't think I have ever seen a booklet with all the printing on the backing paper totally horizontal at the fold.


A couple of examples of Large stamps - the 2nd class is MAIL MAIL, ie using the 2009 lettering for counter sheets (note, there is no printing on the backing paper).  The 1st class Large is reasonable except for the security printing, which is not only dark and a separate printing, but it reads ROYAL MIAL!

This is the sheet, as shown on the auction site, and oh, look at the backing paper printing!  So, not only is the stamp a giveaway, so is the backing!

I can't explain the less obvious distinguishing features because I don't have the stamps.  I do hope thre MBPC will have all these available on their website soon.  I'm told that there have been 20 different forgeries discovered in the first 9 months of the year!


  1. The ongoing production line of forgeries always makes me ponder wryly the effectiveness of the multiplicity of 'new security measures' used on definitive stamps....

  2. The booklet of 121st class also show the cut and shunt security backing by the first stamps on the left also just above the ‘1st’ on the backing paper. Same producer, as the business sheet I wonder?

    Since the introduction of ‘security’ feature, we do seem to have more these days. Are they just more noticeable now or are there generally more now?

    1. Thank you, you're right, I hadn't noticed as I don't actually have the booklet. Probably the same producer as you suggest.

      I think there are generally more forgeries now as the face value is higher, and the cost of production has probably gone down! It's almost as if the forgers regard successive changes as a challenge!