Thursday 11 July 2019

Next stamp issue: Forests, 13 August 2019

The next stamp issue depicts six of Britain's forests.  We have received the first supplies of the stamps today, so we might expect the FDCs to be shown on the usual websites quiet soon.

However, although the issue date is less than a month away, the embargo date has yet to be advised.  I expect now that the Curious Customs are out of the way the media office are trying to work out when to take their summer holidays and still be available for the publicity for the launch of these stamps.

Meanwhile here's the website for the Forestry Commission the government department responsible for many of the United Kingdom's forests.

According to the Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog, which also has the pictures,

The issue commemorates the Centenary of the Forestry Commission and is an attractive and colourful issue with various regions of The United Kingdom being pleasingly represented on the stamps. The featured forests are:- The National Arboretum at Westonbirt in the Cotswolds, Sherwood Forest in the East Midlands, Kielder Forest in the north of England, Glen Affric in Scotland, Coed y Brenin in Wales and Glenariff Forest in Northern Ireland.

More details about the stamps and other products when we are permitted to provide them.

UPDATE 30 July
Thank you to the several readers who have alerted me to the fact that these are now available to pre-order from Royal Mail's website.  The following information is from Royal Mail

These stamps capture beautiful and inspirational views in Forestry Commission and related forests in the four countries of the UK, capturing the character and varied colours of these public woodlands and the national arboretum.

The Forestry Commission was founded in September 1919, initially to reforest the UK for timber after the first world war had seen clearances of huge areas for the war effort. It is the public body responsible for managing and growing public forests and woodland. In the last century the UK has more than doubled its tree cover to almost 12% of its land area.

As well as providing sustainable timber to UK industry, in the last 50 years the Commission’s focus has grown to embrace other areas. It is active in wildlife conservation especially endangered bird and butterfly species, the preservation of national parks, and is expert in scientific research on pests and diseases, and the response to climate change. It is also the biggest provider of outdoor recreation in the UK, as it welcomes 600 million visits per year to its forests and woodlands.

The stamps depict:

Glen Affric, Inverness-shire, Scotland: This Caledonian pine forest sits in the highlands of Scotland. Ringed by mountains, it is home to a habitat of rich wildlife and popular with hikers and mountain bikers alike. The stamp shows autumn at Glen Affric.

Westonbirt, The National Arboretum, Gloucestershire, England: Based in Gloucestershire, Westonbirt hosts 15,000 tree species, including some from all over the world. The stamp highlights its autumn colour in the Acer Glade, which people flock to see each year. 

Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England: Famous for its connection to the legendary Robin Hood, this 450 acre forest in Nottinghamshire is home to the Major Oak, a well-known Oak tree.

Coed y Brenin, Gwynedd, Wales: Set within Snowdonia’s National Park in Wales, Coed y Brenin is world famous for its mountain biking tracks and vast acres of valleys.

Glenariff Forest, County Antrim, Northern Ireland: Also known as the ‘Queen of the Glens’, with clear views of Scotland, Glenariff is one of the nine Antrim Glens in Northern Ireland. The stamp shows one of Glenariff’s three worldwide renowned waterfalls.

Kielder Forest, Northumberland, England: Based in Northumberland, Kielder Forest is the largest man-made forest in England. The stamp shows Common beech (Fagus sylvatica) in autumn, Sidwood.

Designed by UP, the stamps are printed by ISP/Cartor in lithography with PVA gum and two phosphor bands.  In se-tenant pairs, there are 30 stamps per sheet, and strips of 5 of the same stamp may be ordered from Royal Mail, but not via their web shop.

Acknowledgements: Glen Affric © Colin Leslie/Alamy Stock Photo; Blidworth Woods, Sherwood Forest © Tracey Whitefoot/Alamy Stock Photo; Glenariff Forest © Pixel Pusher/Alamy Stock Photo; Westonbirt, The National Arboretum © Christopher Nicholson/Alamy Stock Photo; Coed y Brenin © Jon Sparks/Alamy Stock Photo; Kielder Forest © Ann and Steve Toon/

Set of 6 stamps, presentation pack, stamp cards, first day cover, framed set of 6 stamps. 


  1. Any details on format & size Ian?

  2. Wouldn't be surprised to see an additional MS issue after that England Cricket World Cup victory

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. More than possible. I'm away now until after the York weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for news.


    3. Now confirmed by Royal Mail - to be combined with belatedly marking Women’s win in 2017!


  3. Didn't have much choice but to release a Women's miniature sheet, can you imagine the female furore if the men got one and they didn't.

  4. I noticed in Southampton the previously blue post box painted for the Cricket world cup series has been repainted white and the inscription amended to include the women series winners of 2017. Sorry ladies not important enough to merit your own dedication two years ago Similar with the belated issue of a miniature sheet

  5. Stamps now available to order on Royal Mail website

  6. Just received my advice note from RM for the next stamp issue on 03/09/2019 - Music Giants III. Issue includes Set of Stamps, MS and a Booklet of 6x 1st (UB423).


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