Monday 15 July 2019


Royal Mail promise miniature sheets for England Cricket Teams.

Royal Mail will mark the World Cup success of the England Cricket team by issuing a miniature sheet of four stamps.

The sheet will feature images from the team’s campaign which ended in a gripping finish yesterday.

In a more surprising move a second sheet will be issued - somewhat belatedly we might think - to mark the Women’s team’s similar success in 2017.

The designs will of course be subject to royal approval and will be made available as soon as possible.

The sheets will be issued on the 22nd of August.
Further to this, the Royal Mail has also announced the rollout of 15 special edition postboxes located close to each of the grounds used during the 2019 Cricket World Cup.
These special edition postboxes will be easy to spot – as they will be painted white and will feature stylized images of a gold cricket bat, ball and stumps, along with being adorned with a permanent gold plaque.
The selected postboxes will be decorated in this fashion during the next three months, with the plaque inscription detailing England’s now historic position as the joint holder of both ICC Cricket World Cup titles.

As usual we will not be stocking these, collectors can register their interest on the Royal Mail website.


  1. Just a thought... if England also win the Netball World Cup - will that be another minisheet? And some overtime for the crew who repaint the postboxes?

  2. The first postbox is

  3. There are some distinctly odd pictures associated with this issue on - I haven't yet seen any that even remotely have anything to do with forests. Most weird...

    1. That's an odd comment for a blogpost about the Cricket World Cups, but.....
      Neither the forest nor the CWC stamps will be shown on Royal Mail's website until a few days before the stamps are issued, as is normal practice.


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