Thursday 25 July 2019

Machin 2019 update

As there has been a lot of action recently with multiple reports of new stamps on eBay, I thought it was time to issue a new list at least here on the blog, even if I can't yet compile a complete new checklist.  Our thanks to all contributors who are spotting new printings!

M18L stamps issued in 2019
4001P.8 - 1p deep crimson M_IL from Marvel Comics book
4005P.8 - 5p dull red-brown from Da Vinci book
4010P.8 - 10p dull orange from Da Vinci book
4020P.8 - 20p green M_IL from Marvel Comics book
4125P.8 - £1.25 light green M_IL from Marvel Comics book
4145P.8 - £1.45 lavender M_IL from Marvel Comics book
4155P.8 - £1.55 turquoise-blue from Da Vinci book

Full list of M19L stamps so far:

Counter Sheets

2911.9   2nd class  - 25/02/19
2914a.9 1st class  -  25/02/19
2913.9   2nd Large - 25/02/19
2916a.9 1st Large  - 25/02/19

2985.9   100g Special Delivery - 26/03/19

3001.9 - 1p deep crimson, 19/02/19
3002.9 - 2p deep green, 19/02/19
3005.9 - 5p dull red-brown, 15/04/19
3010.9 - 10p dull orange, 19/02/19 : 16/04/19
3020.9 - 20p green, 19/02/19 : 16/04/19
3101.9 - £1 bistre-brown, 20/02/19 : 16/04/19

As usual there have been reprints of the tariff stamps: the first printing is usually a small quantity later supplemented by a reprint.  I'm not listing all printings, only noting other values when they are reported.

3135 - £1.35 orchid mauve
3155.9 -  £1.55 turquoise-blue, 14/02/9
3160 - £1.60 amber yellow
3230 - £2.30 gooseberry green
3280 - £2.80 spruce green  
3345 - £3.45 dark pine green 
3360 - £3.60 bright orange

2936aC.9 - 1st class MCIL from mixed booklets, Marvel Comics 14.3.1, Birds of Prey 4.4.19,  D-Day on 5.6.19

2931.9 - 2nd class MTIL booklet of 12
2936a.9 - 1st class MTIL booklet of 12
2933.9 - 2nd Large MFIL booklet of 4 (SBP2i seen on eBay)
2937a.9 - 1st Large MFIL booklet of 4, packing date 23/04/19

Prestige Stamp Books

4002P.9 - 2p green from Queen Victoria Bicentenary book
4050P.9 - 50p dark slate from Queen Victoria Bicentenary book*

* although this is a new shade I have not given it an 'a' number, although I expect when it is listed by SG it will not have the same base number as in previous PSBs.

Business Sheets

2911B.9 - 2nd class blue, printed 05/02/19 on SBP2u;
2913B.9 - 2nd Large blue, printed 06/02/19, reported to be on both SBP2u and SBP2i but not necessarily with that date.
2914aB.9 - 1st class red printed 04/02/19 on SBP2u
2916aB.9 - 1st Large red printed 23/03/19 SBP2u

Images of some of the newer discoveries:

2nd & 1st from booklets of 12 - MTIL M19L

10p, 5p & 2p counter sheets - MAIL M19L

1st class Large from business street MBIL M19L

As pointed out by one of our readers, this leaves the 1st MSIL, both Signed For, and the 500g Special Delivery, plus any more PSB variants, and any other valued stamps, eg the 50p.

Sources: some supplies are found in supermarkets, some found in Post Office branches.  The latest batch (2p, 5p and 10p & 20p and £1 reprints) have come from Tallents House, but are not in the dealer stock, only in 'general business stock', where supplies are random.  If ordering you (or I) might get new printings, or might get older ones.  This once again highlights what a mockery Royal Mail's philatelic service has become.


  1. No 2019 sheets of either 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p or 20p in Exeter Crown office as of today 1400 2/8/19. (The branch is moving to WHS in October).

    1. Doug reported:

      - "A large Edmonton PO did have a significant stock of the low values (probably hundreds of sheets) but were old issue. Their latest delivery of 2nd counter sheets are dated 2017"

      - "The ‘philatelic’ counter at Broadway in London is no longer worth visiting. I was told there was no such item as a £1 sheet."

      - "at a PO in Leicester, I did manage to get some 2nd large books of 4 – but noted that the year code was “2010”, where the backing paper was plain!!!"

  2. £4.20 Booklet MSIL M19L now found in Retail shop (Image emailed). No packaging date known.


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