Wednesday 3 July 2019

Machin news - still dribbling out.

Another new Machin retail booklet has been found in a retail outlet.

This is the 1st class Large book of 4, with cylinders W3/W2 on SBP2u backing paper. The pack date is 23/04/19.


In our Checklist this will be listed as RB6.9 with the stamps being listed as 2937a.9. 

As noted in the comments below, the 2nd and 1st class stamps from books of 12 have now appeared on eBay.  I had heard of these but there are no supplies locally yet.  One source suggested that they may be at a well-known supermarket. 
The numbers for these will be 2931.9 and 2936a.9 respectively.


  1. 2nd MTIL M19L U3013 showing on eBay today at 392337858465

  2. 1st MTIL M19l U3029 now on eBay 372711224252

  3. U2921 2p M19L now being offered on eBay ref 372720364802

  4. ...and U2922 5p M19L ref 372720353945

  5. If my list is correct, the five remaining M19Ls still to appear are: 1st MSIL, 1st large MBIL, 1st SF, 1st Large SF and 1st SD 500g (unless the 50p appears).


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