Tuesday 2 April 2019

April Slogan Postmarks

Royal Mail has started early with a new slogan on 1 April. 

World Autism Day is marked today on 2 April and we have received the first example on our mail today from Jubilee Mail Centre on 1 April.

World Autism
Awareness Day
2 April 2019

UPDATE 8 April:
I've added some more to March's post, and MM has also sent this for April.  Yesterday (7th) was UN/WHO World Health Day and this slogan was used at Tyneside MC on 4 April

Health Day
7 April 2019

A reminder, as we've received one, that the default slogan is Action for Children which is Royal Mail's chosen charity for this year and last.  Here is a reversed one on square envelope from South East Anglia, dated 10/04/2019

While we were away the Happy Easter! slogan was used.  Here are examples from South East Anglia dated 17/04/2019 and a reversed one from North & West Yorkshire probably dated 16 or 18 April.

Although not relevant to April in the UK I though I would show this one that I received in the same batch, which is one of the Netherlands Christmas slogans, still in use on 4 January.  I think it's rather attractive in it's simplicity, and is multi-faith as well.

As usual we will add further slogans as received or reported to us!

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