Monday 8 April 2019

First new counter sheets printed in February

The first Machin definitive reprint with M19L coding is the 20p counter sheet, which join the new tariff stamps printed in January. The other M19L stamp issued so far is the 1st class red MCIL from the Marvel Comics mixed retail booklet.

The Marvel Comics stamp (Norvic 2936aC.9) was shown earlier, but the 20p (3020.9) was actually found in Post Office branches before that was issued.


The printing date for the 20p is 19/02/19, and the backing paper is suLUsiLI.   

Full list of M19L stamps so far:

Counter Sheets
3020.9 - 20p green reprint, first on 19/02/19
3135 - £1.35 orchid mauve
3160 - £1.60 amber yellow 
3230 - £2.30 gooseberry green
3280 - £2.80 spruce green  
3345 - £3.45 dark pine green 
3360 - £3.60 bright orange


2936aC.9 - 1st class MCIL from mixed booklets, Marvel Comics 14.3.19 and Birds of Prey 4.4.19.

A new version of the Norvic Machin Checklist will be published soon.

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