Wednesday 24 April 2019

Royal Mail discounts Marvel special products already

Barely a month after they were issued (on March 14th) Royal Mail has knocked 20% off some of its special products aimed outside the philatelic community.

A collector reader sent me an email about this yesterday, pointing to this page on the RM website.  And this morning a dealer called complaining that - whilst not much concerned with the artwork and medallion covers - he was peeved to note that the special edition prestige stamp book is included in these offers. 

Originally sold to dealers at a small discount off £64.99 (you did know that registered dealers get a small discount from Royal Mail?) this is now being sold for only £51.99 much less than the price dealers would have paid. And while we can return 'ordinary' stock for refund/credit, these 'specials' are non-returnable. 

Philatelic customers should also be rightly miffed if they bought on issue, tempted by the 'limited edition' tag.  It's not as if this is something that has been available for very long.

As always, while you should spend your money as you wish, our advice is to spend it on something worthwhile.  For £50 you could buy good examples of used KGV Seahorses.


  1. Ian, it seems i may be correct, my previous comment and yours copied below. Much quicker than 18 months so my guess now is it will go down in price more at a later date.
    Anonymous19 February 2019 at 17:01

    The limited edition (4995) £64.99 prestige booklet, that they claim is a tiny fraction that will want to own one. I will make a prediction on, if they have printed them already they will make a loss and be sold cheap in about 18 months time. Lets see if they know their own market, i doubt it.

    Ian - Norvic19 February 2019 at 20:10

    Has that been the case for any other similar special edition PSBs? The Star Wars ones were taken to Star Wars Conventions and probably sold well. These will go to similar events; RM will promote them to tie in with the three films that I'm told are happening this year. I think they will sell.

    1. Yes, I hadn't noticed the numbers here and it is a surprise that they have discounted them already. My RM account manager didn't know about it!


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