Thursday 7 March 2019

Public Service Announcement: Withdrawal from Sale by Royal Mail

Royal Mail have announced the last sale dates for these 2018 stamps, sets, cards, etc

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  1. Just out of interest, anybody know what RM do with unsold stock of stamps, booklets, PSBs etc. Destroyed?

    1. If they have them, they keep some stock as replacement for any that (presumably recent purchases) that are found to be damaged, or stamps used on philatelic covers (not FD) which are damaged or lost.

      Some will have been put in reserve for year books and year packs, and they may keep some back to replace any that are found to be damaged in them. I acquired some year books long after they were sold and found that some stamps, still in the folder at the front and not in the book page, had stuck to the container or had corners missing. Had the original purchaser dealt with this at the time he could have had them replaced free.

      But the balance will be destroyed. Some issues, such as Game of Thrones, are on long term sale "while stocks last".

  2. I remember the good old days when they would send you Stock Lists every quarter without asking, with withdrawal dates well in advance. Now, even when you order one you don't get it. Although I have been told there is one due this month.

  3. There wasn't even an up-to-date stock list available at February Stampex. The only one there was the September 2018 listing.


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