Tuesday 5 March 2019

Checklist version 2.0.22 - up to date; additions to shop.

With the Marvel Comics stamps to be issued in a week, I have published an updated version of the checklist which includes the four new stamps from the Prestige Stamp Book, and the single 1st class from the retail booklet - the first of the M19L stamps.

This can be read at or downloaded from Dropbox at the usual link.

Apologies for the error that occurred yesterday for some readers; I think the mobile (ipad) download was ok (it was for me) but not the web.

Please do not use any previous bookmarks, only the Dropbox link.

These have now been listed on our shop, but will not be sent until next Tuesday, with postage part paid by at least one of the stamps from the pane if possible.  Also added in the shop are some other PSB panes and singles, including stamps from 1999.  The backward trek into our stock has started!


  1. Maybe it's my stupidity, but I'm still getting 2.0.21 from Dropbox this morning.

    1. No, not your stupidity, my apologies.

      I downloaded the new version on the ipad yesterday, but something went wrong, and 21 was the one linked here on the web-version.

      Should be fine now. Please email if there are any more problems.


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