Wednesday 5 December 2018

Harry Potter PSB error - an upright pane!

In the early years of this blog there were a number of errors in Prestige Stamp Books, notably inverted panes and the occasional overturned pane, and the famous missing gold on one pane of the Victoria Cross book.  (search for 'errors' to find these.  But we have a new one as this year comes to a close.

As I indicated here, the Harry Potter prestige book can be started from either end, half the pages inverted in relation to the others, presenting two stories.  The two miniature sheet panes are facing each other, which is another problem for the printers assembling the sheets.  In this picture the back cover is on the left behind the pane with three stamps.

Pane 5 (with three stamps) is inverted so the wrong edge is bound in and Pane 4 (two stamps) is the correct way up. (Starting from the back, these are the 1st and 2nd panes.)

Members of the Modern British Philatelic Circle will find this in their next auction.

Update 7 December :  As JG writes,"It seems that ISP have had more problems than usual in assembling the Harry Potter PSBs."   Well, I suppose the make-up makes it more difficult.  Because the individual pages are from sheets, it's not like printing a magazine or newspaper that starts from both ends.  In that case the pages are set onto the plate that way before printing starts (usually on the web). JG's example has pane 3 missing - not torn out, just never put in.  A good variety even if it did cost more than the value of the stamps it includes.
(We are still waiting for a picture of the example with double cover (see comments).

UPDATE 11 December:  A second correspondent (thanks KC) has sent a picture of his PSB which also has two back covers - not easy to photograph, but quite clear in this picture.


UPDATE 19 February: A friend of mine went through some stock on the Royal Mail stand at Stampex and found these two errors, one with a duplicate pane, and one with the same pane missing!

For earlier PSB page errors, see here.


  1. Just received this today. Mine has two back covers as well as the inverted pages. Will it increase the value? I wonder how rare this error is?

    1. John, as indicated in the original post (see above) half the pages and cover are inverted - the book can be read from both ends.

      But if yours has two 'back covers' the same, and inverted pages please send pictures so that they can be added here. Sounds intriguing.

    2. Looking back at your original post on this Prestige stamp book I hadn't followed that the inversion was a deliberate plan, with the facing pages at the inversion featuring Harry Potter and Severus Snape. That is where the inversion happens in my copy. The only error with mine is that it has two back covers featuring 'The Marauder's Map'.

    3. It wasn't well publicised by should be obvious from the covers. I'd still be interested in a picture of your doubled cover.

      I've put a link in the post now to earlier reports and pictures including another double cover, which was a really thick one!

  2. mine book is inverted from page 6 til end..also pane pane 4 and 5 (those on your pictures) are all imperforated from back side

    1. Of course, they are self-adhesive as you can see in my pictures of the back of the sheets

  3. Further to my earlier post, I've just seen your comments on the mini-sheet being self-adhesive, plus the back of the pages shown on the other HP psb blog. and have actually tried (successfully) to see where the joins are. So you can ignore my earlier post.Problem (mine,anyway) is solved.


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