Friday 15 February 2013

Prestige Stamp Book errors - another duplicated page

In the period 2006 - 2009 several Prestige Stamp Books were found with duplicated stamp pages or other errors.  The situation was so bad that people came to expect an error as the norm, rather than something exceptional.

Now a collector sent us a picture of what is, as far as we know, a previously unreported duplication, in the World of Invention PSB from March 2007.

This PSB was bought at a stamp fair recently and the duplication was not revealed until the collector was studying the book at home! 

Earlier reports are on our website, because the blog hadn't started when they were discovered. 
Missing Gold error on Prestige Book Victoria Cross stamps

Duplicate pages in Machin Anniversary Prestige Book

Duplicate pages in Regional Stamps Anniversary Prestige Book

Duplicate pages in Charles Darwin Prestige Book

The most spectacular and valuable error was on the Victoria Cross book where the missing gold affects the Queen's head and value -

Books sold at auction have realised over £10,000; the most recent reported in Stamp and Coin Mart (Feb 2013) was handled by Grosvenor and made £11,934.

The most prolific set of errors was on the Machin book.  Examples exist with any of the stamp pages duplicated, but perhaps the oddest - given it's heavy card composition - was duplication of the front cover!

Quality control on make up (if not on print quality) has improved greatly since 2009 with no similar errors reported.  But we are always eager to report new finds!

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