Tuesday 4 December 2018

Better SSK screens in time for Christmas

The One Post Office website reports changes to screens on self-service kiosks in Post Office branches are now being rolled out. 
Customers and Christmas Makers will see some changes when they use the Self Service Kiosks this festive peak.
Many of the screens have been updated with a simpler, more user-friendly and visual layout to make them easier for customers to use and to find the transaction they need.
Post Office Broadband & Phone bill payments have also been added.
We’re introducing these improvements thanks to feedback from branch colleagues and last year’s Christmas Makers.
The changes are rolling out to all branches with SSKs between today (Tuesday 27 November) and Thursday this week.
Some of the key changes include:
  • Customers will be able to just scan a bill to pay it without having to select the ‘pay a bill’ button. The great news is this will also include Post Office Broadband & Phone bill payments
  • On the ‘select destination’ screen, the UK, Jersey and Guernsey are displayed first followed by the most popular seven international destinations so it’s easier for customers to find the destination for their item, and the search button is bigger too
  • On the screen that asks what type of item it is, the different item descriptions will have an image showing the size and weight limits. If the customer has put an item on the scales, it will only show the options for that weight
  • Non-tracked returns label images are shown on the prepaid items screen
  • On the ‘Buy stamps’ screen, stamp options are grouped by destination, and again it’s weight-sensitive so if the customer has put an item on the scales it will only show the relevant options
  • We have removed the 1st and 2nd class pick buttons from the start screen
  • There is now a cash payment button on the payment screen as well as the debit and credit card options.
UPDATE: Thanks to CN for the picture of the 'Stamp Purchase' screen, and RW for the others:



  1. I noticed the Europe up to 20g and Worldwide up to 10g are separate on the new screen layout. Do they both produce the dual value or there separate stamps. Has anyone tried.

  2. Still on one stamp

  3. Dual stamps, the same one whatever is picked.

  4. Thanks. You just never know with updates what unexpected changes can occur.


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