Tuesday 15 May 2018

Royal Wedding MS revealed

For anybody who hasn't already seen it in their daily newspaper, eBay, other websites, social media, we are now able to reveal the design of the Royal Weding miniature sheet that was first mooted by readers here.

As expected, it is in the standard Royal Wedding Format of two different photographs from the engagement, two at 1st class and two airmail £1.55.  Here's the last one for big brother William issued in 2011:

My thanks to a correspondent in Australia who allowed me to show readers this mailshot which he posted on the Stampboards forum.  Whether or not you like or collect the stamps, this is an interesting piece of Royal Mail ephemera which would be a good addition to any collection of similar items.  I don't know whether these have been sent to UK collectors (this is preprinted or custom printed with the airmail caption).


  1. Just a quick question: I currently have a Presentation Pack subscription for 2018 with Royal Mail - how does this affect my subscription? Will I still receive this one or will I have to purchase it separately? Many thanks if you can offer some insight!

    1. I can't reply for Royal Mail but I assume that if you have a standing order, then you will get it.

      Of course depending on how you pay, you ought to already have had notification of payment being taken from your card or bank account. Best wait and see: they won't be scarce, so you can chase them up next week if it doesn't arrive by Monday.