Thursday 10 May 2018

Changes to Horizon labels

It's many months since there was anything to report about the Horizon system and its labels.

In a recent edition of Stamp Magazine Don Staddon reported that the Horizon software was upgraded in March, much to the benefit of users.  There was no change to the labels, although one of our readers in Glasgow (AM) sent these pictures which appear to show a significant change to the 't' in the word 'letter'.

I've compared the 'before and after' 2C Small Parcel labels that I have and can see no difference. The problem with dot-matrix-type printers is that there are always variations.  But I think this change in the word 'Letter' is worthy of note and if you do collect Horizon labels, then this is something to incorporate.  I'll be happy to see any other variants.

UPDATE: The June edition of the magazine shows variations which make the service indicator more bold, in particular doubling of the horizontal lines in some letters (see the L and C above and compare the letters o and F in Signed For if you have them), and enboldening of the serifs in some lower case letters, note the g in Large, also noticeable on the n in Signed.


  1. The upgrade is phased, with branches having to close for at least a day whilst the work is carried out.
    My local branch was shut for three days in late March because things stubbornly refused to work!

  2. I hope the link below works and illustrates some of the changes - it’s much more noticeable on the older style (non 2d) overprints and affects more than just the service indicator. More to collect again!

    1. Alan - thank you but that link is invisible to those without permission. Please open it up to view.


    trying to link to pdf cloud!


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