Tuesday 6 March 2018

Back to normal, news update

Royal Mail Tallents House affected by weather

Royal Mail's bureau operations were affected by the code red weather warning last week and the office was closed from Wednesday 28th February for the rest of the week.  Things are getting back to normal this week and I had a delivery today posted yesterday.

Last chance to buy
As per Royal Mail’s new variable sales period policy announced last year, all stamps and philatelic products associated with the Windmills and Watermills stamp issue will come off sale on 31st March 2018.

The Racehorse Legends stamp issue was confirmed last year as one of those that would follow the original 12 month sales period as such all Racehorse Legends stamps and philatelic products will come off sale on 5th April 2018.

Slogan Postmarks
Recent slogans have appeared for World Book Day and National Apprenticeship Week.  Details and pictures will be added in a separate post later this week.  Thanks to those who have sent in details.

Offers in our webshop
With another batch of orders posted yesterday, the next batch will be posted Thursday or Friday of this week.  The next products to be added will be the RAF Centenary stamps and those for the new postage rates, which will be sold from 20 March, and some more Machin postal forgeries.

Machin news
We have been told of stamp booklets now appearing in outlets with 2018 packing dates - 6x1st Padlock cover books in a supermarket with 08/01/18 date - but sadly the stamps have M17L codes.  But it may not be long after the rates rise before we see M18L codes on booklets.

Post and Go
Visitors to the IAR website will notice that the Perth Congress is listed as a future even. I believe the offshore islands have been persuaded to attend, but can confirm that Royal Mail will not. The presence of Jersey, Guernsey, and Gibraltar may mean that British stamps will be available with show inscriptions, something which Royal Mail is trying to reduce.

Similarly the Postal Museum is adding an additional inscription to the Mail by Sea stamps for its latest exhibition.  More details soon.

Our website and RM's 2018 programme
I spent some of the snowed-in period adding pages to our website for this year's stamp issues. Unfortunately another software update is preventing these being loaded to the server, but I'll be making efforts to get the pages loaded.  However, a major change in the programme is that the Owls and Old Vic issues have exchanged dates, so FDC producers are now advertising Owls covers on 11 May.

Lastly, the blog.  While I wasn't looking the number of visitors (well, page views) has crept over the 3,000,000 mark - yes, THREE MILLION!  

I meet people at exhibitions and fairs, and others who aren't customers phone from time to time.  Many say that they read the blog every day looking for the latest news.  So, very many thanks to all our contributors without whom there would be far less to read. 

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