Wednesday 14 March 2018

Gibbons reworking U-Machins for next Concise catalogue.

Tucked away in the Catalogue Supplement in the April edition of Gibbons Stamp Monthly is news to bring a groan from all who collect or deal in modern definitives.

"Game of Thrones premium booklet.
The Machin pane and booklet will be listed in a later
Catalogue Supplement, because the machin (sic) set
is to be re-numbered for Great Britain Concise 2018
The next edition of the catalogue is expected in April/May.

UPDATE 1 May: A table showing the new numbers is now shown on this blog post.


  1. Thnx for that Ian, that will mean a huge supplement for the Windsor & other albums next year. A lot of stamps to renumber .

    1. I think it's at least possible that the 2017 Windsor supplement will have the renumbering. The SG website reports that it will be 56 pages. Also I seem to recall that when the Y series were renumbered, the Windsor supplement had the changes ahead of the Concise. I may of course be misremembering in my old age...

    2. Perhaps SG will incorporate all the different year codes & the change of colour of the 1st class in the main album & do away with the supplement they brought out in 2016/2017 cannot remember now.

    3. I understand they are not adding new numbers of sub-numbers for all year codes.

      Contact me by email for more details.

  2. The problem with Stanley Gibbons numbering system is that it rarely gives space to number additional new Machins/Country stamps. They always seem happy just to add a,b,c,d,e,f,g, to a number until it comes down to renumbering all over again. Stoneham Catalogue doesn't have that problem.

    1. Neither does our system which, at least for stamps with a face value, just could not be easier. Why Gibbons didn't adopt our system in 2011 (maybe they will now) I don't know.

      Self-adhesive stamps: 3xxx where xxx is the face value in pence.
      Gummed stamps: 4xxx ditto.

      As usual the figure after the decimal indicates the year. The only time this was a problem was when they changed the colour of a stamp, as with the £1 ruby (3100) change to brown (3101) and 50p grey (3050) change to slate (3051).

      Although I find the PSB panes useful in Stoneham I have found several shortcomings in it.

  3. There's also a reference to the renumbering in John Deering's Machin Watch article.

  4. rogerthecollector19 March 2018 at 13:37

    Ok if that's what they think is needed, fine. What I would really like are new editions of the SG Specialised Catalogues but I doubt if we shall ever see them. Who would they employ to collate the massive amount of data necessary?


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