Monday 26 February 2018

Overwhelmed - and not just by the weather

Dear Customers,

Since the previous post and the addition of the Special Delivery stamp (and so many nice forgeries) you have filled your baskets over and over - the SD stamp, of course, helping easily to reach our minimum order value.  And some orders have included stamps that were previously set aside.

I'm hoping that we can get these out tomorrow afternoon - or at least those ordered up to today.  But that does depend slightly on the amount of snow we get: it has been coming and going all day, with the temperature not reaching 1ºC, but the sun shining brightly!

Rest assured we will get orders off as soon as we can, and thank you for your continued custom. 

Update Tuesday afternoon: bright sunny freezing afternoon, so 34 orders despatched from Dereham this afternoon, mostly cancelled at the counter, though I fear he may have missed some.  And anybody collecting fingerprints will probably find some on backs of covers as he had recently reinked the datestamp!  
Wednesday: Orders to and including 4035 have been posted. Orders 4036 onwards will be posted Friday if the weather permits.  Not going anywhere today!

Update Friday.  Very strong winds (up to 40mph) have blown much of the snow off some roofs, and there's only about half as much on the cars now.  But a road in the village is blocked, and other roads in the area have been blocked by snow drifting off the fields in the strong winds.  So no orders will be posted today.  Forecast for the weekend is better with winds down to 15 mph and temperatures up to +2C on Saturday and 6C on Sunday, so flooding will be the next problem!
On Monday it should be sunny and warmer still with wind moving to SW, so I'll probably get some posting done then.  Haven't seen a postman since Tuesday, and as that will be the same for most of our UK customers in affected areas, it's best that your stamps stay here for now.

UK readers will know about this: this is for the benefit of overseas readers and customers!  
Next up, the RAF PSB and Retail Booklet definitives (etc), and the new tariff stamps.

As so many customers get new definitive stamps direct from Royal Mail or their post offices we don't order many, so would all customers please let us by email as soon as possible know if you want cylinder blocks, date blocks, or singles of any of the new postage stamps including the country definitives.  Bear in mind that if you service your own FDCs you may not get the new printing of the £2.25 stamp from your PO as stores are sending out the 2016 printing currently.  We can supply the single quickly so that you can add it to your FDCs.

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