Wednesday 7 March 2018

Slogan Postmarks for March 2018

The first one is strictly a February slogan, and I have included it in that post, but as it refers to a March event, it seems sensible to include it here as well.

Just creeping into February is the slogan for World Book Day which is on 1 March.  This slogan was used at North West Midlands on 28 February, and I assume nationwide and only on the one day.  Royal Mail's media department is silent on the subject as usual.  Thanks to MB and our friends in Shropshire who both sent examples.
Book Day
1 Mar 2018

The second slogan for March was certainly in use on 2 March and may be in use for the whole of National Apprenticeship Week.  Again, despite having a press release about apprenticeships, Royal Mail's media team are silent on the slogan postmark.  Examples both dated 2nd March from North West Midlands (MB), and Peterborough (BE), thank you both.

WEEK 2018

UPDATE 9 March 2018
There were two reasons why the Apprentice slogan wouldn't run all week.  The first is International Women's Day, with these two different formats, from Northern Ireland MC and Edinburgh MC on 07/03/2018 to arrive on 8th, thanks to GF & MB.
Women's Day
8 March 2018

The second new slogan this week was Royal Mail's reminder to send cards for Mothering Sunday, celebrated here at a date which is linked to Easter, rather than later in the year as in some other countries.  This example from MB is from North West Midlands dated 8 March.
Don't forget
Mother's Day!
Sunday 11 March

More to come, for certain, probably for the RAF Centenary but probably not (as used to be the case) for increases in postage rates!


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