Monday 26 March 2018

Customer order update

Because of the work involved on last week's new stamps we were not able to get all orders out as quickly as we would have hoped.

Orders up to 4099 were sent last Friday; orders from 4100 on, received today, will be posted tomorrow afternoon.

Update: orders to 4109 were posted Tuesday 27th March.

Further update: when telling people that their orders would be posted on Friday, I had forgotten about the holiday.  Orders 4110-12 were posted this afternoon.  No more orders will be posted until Tuesday 3rd or Wednesday 4th April.

To our customers and readers outside the UK, and in Scotland, please note that Post Offices are closed and there are no mail deliveries here on Friday 30 March or Monday 2 April.  Our webshop will remain open during this period, and some new stock may be added.  

The shop will then be closed from Sunday 8th until the end of April and 
we will not always have email contact during that period.

Thank you for your patience.