Wednesday 2 August 2017

Summer Break

Now that the school holidays are here we are taking a summer break, and our office will be closed from 4 August for approximately 3 weeks, reopening 24/29 August (Public holiday 28th). 

As most of the Machin definitives for this year have now appeared and been offered on our shop, the shop will also be closed for this period.  In the past (apart from last year's long break) we have allowed orders to be placed which results in a big backlog on our return.  After the June break a customer in the USA responded to the despatch email with a comment that he was about to cancel the order as he had not heard from us - which goes to show that not everybody reads the order akcnowledgement email (in which we clearly said that we were away for 2 weeks)!

We will be out of wifi and telephone contact for much of the time - one of the pleasures of being in a rural valley in the sparsely-populated Welsh borderlands. 

Emails and blog comments which have not been processed by 2G-mobile or dodgy internet-café connection will be dealt with on our return.


  1. Enjoy your holiday Ian & Family, let's hope the remaining definitives appear by the time you get back .

  2. While you're off on a rainy day, can you think about putting forward yearly links to stamp issues on each 'issues' page on your website. You can click on the years going back but not to go forward. eg If I'm on year 2012 there is no link to let me click quickly forward to 2013, 2014, 2015 etc

    1. Something I too have found frustrating, so yes it is something that could be done easily, by copy and paste. But there are 14 pages to do.....

      Anybody else got anything for a todo list? Somebody wants a detailed list of regionals like the Machin checklist. I'd like that too, preferably illustrated.


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