Thursday 31 August 2017

Not many more Machins to come this year?

August 2017 bows out with news that yet another new stamp has been found this week, the 2nd class Large business sheet, printed 04/03/17.

This will be illustrated and all the recent new stamps will be added to our webshop next week when we have supplies.

The arrival of these means that there are only four more stamps which may appear with the 2017 code:
the Special Delivery 500g;
the 2p, 10p, and 1st class Large Signed For on SBP2 instead of plain paper;
plus any that may appear in as yet unannounced prestige stamp books this year and early next year.
UPDATE from comment: I should, of course, recognised that the 50p, £1 and any other higher values could be reprinted.

It could be a fairly quiet autumn!


  1. I presume the £1 M17l counter stamp is now completely off the radar?

  2. LOL - didn't take long for the unannounced prestige to create more M17L sources - will it ever be a quiet month for Royal Mail opportunities for more and more ...


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